Delicious Desserts

A “Dessert” meal is one that occurs after dinner. Most desserts are sweet but can also contain strong flavors such as cheese cake or cheese. The Old French term “desservir” means “to clear the table”. This is the origin of the word dessert. In English, dessert is sometimes confused with the word “dessert” (note only one of the letters). This is a bare piece of land usually with sand as soil.

The rise of middle class and the automation of sugar production allowed sweets to be made available to everyone. This was due to sugar becoming cheaper and more accessible to the public. Desserts became popular and more widely distributed as sugar became cheaper.

Most cultures have a final distinction between the main dish and the dessert. In some cultures, like the Chinese, sweet and savoury dishes can be mixed throughout the entire meal. Sometimes dessert is considered an additional meal or snack that can be consumed after the main meal. Many restaurants specialize in desserts due to the widespread popularity of this dish.