Good people drink good beer

We’ve all heard horror stories about beer from people who don’t drink it. You’ve all heard it. They say beer is an adult beverage that leads people to alcoholism. Truth is, beer is not a gateway to alcoholism like aspirin is to becoming a drug addict. Moderation is the key, just as it is in all things we eat and enjoy. Beer is the ultimate thirst quencher. It is a fact that there is ample medical support for moderate beer consumption, which can lead to many health benefits.

Did you know that beer might be more effective in hydrating the body than water, especially if you’re exercising outside? Beer is 95% Water. Plus, it contains flavanoids and other natural ingredients that replenish your body in a positive manner. Beer is made with many plants, including barley, hops, rye, and oats. Therefore, it should be promoted as the best vegetarian beverage.

Beer’s health benefits are well-known for a long period of time.

Beer is the oldest type of alcoholic beverage. References to it date back thousands upon thousands of years, even to our earliest civilizations. Beer is still enjoyed widely today, and it is actually the third most loved beverage on the planet, right behind water and tea. People enjoy the natural fermentation of beer and the variety of ingredients that go into making different types of beers. The health benefits of beer can be enjoyed in moderation.

Beer is good for your health.

Did you also know that men can have as many as two beers per day to lower their risk of having a stroke or heart disease. Women can enjoy the same benefit by drinking one brew per day. How does beer accomplish this? Harvard has reported that moderate beer intake can raise HDL (your positive cholesterol), which helps to prevent platelet buildup and blood clotting. Additionally, beer is rich in B6, which reduces homocysteine levels. A major risk factor for heart disease, this makes beer a good choice. Fondazion di Ricerca e Cura from Italy concluded that beer has more health benefits than it does harm. It found that those who drank a half a pint of beer a day had a 31% lower risk of developing heart disease.

There are many natural nutrients in beer. They include B2 as well as a host other B vitamins, calcium potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus that nourish the body. Flavanoids can be considered natural anti-oxidants. They help combat the harmful free radicals within the body that cause disease and illness. The health benefits of beer include a decrease in kidney stones incidence, improved sleep quality, and even lowered blood pressure. It is not harmful to drink moderately but can actually be a great help.

Beer can strengthen your bones, which is one of the health benefits beer offers.

According to UC Davis’ study, beer contains silicon. It is a naturally occurring element that stimulates collagen. Collagen is the substance that gives your bones strength. A UC Davis study shows that moderate beer drinking is linked to higher-bone density. Your bones will become stronger thanks to the silicon found in beer. Here’s a word of warning. Beer’s health benefits are not unlimited. The study also found that beer consumption of more than 2 a day increases the risk for fractures.

Enjoying alcohol in moderation is key to enjoying it. Excessive alcohol consumption is irresponsible and can cause you to have every illness. Moderate drinking can help prevent this from happening. You know that there is balance in life. You can be responsible. Gentlemen, limit the number of brewski’s you consume per day to just two. Only one is allowed for women. You can drink beer and enjoy the health benefits, despite the overwhelming evidence supporting moderate and responsible beer drinking.