Restaurant Food – Latest Trends and Craze

According to an American Culinary Federation survey the nutrition- and philosophy-driven food trends that are most in demand were predicted to be the two biggest.

People were expected that they would prefer to eat local produce, organic food and bite-sized desserts. Local produce is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Local produce will be fresher, and taste better. Preference for organic food is tied to environmental concerns. People want to avoid harmful chemicals and insecticides. These bite-sized desserts were very popular in recent years. Mini indulgences are healthier than big chocolate brownie sundaes. Whole grains and vegetables, as an alternative to chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese, are healthier options for kids. Acai and mangosteen replaced pomegranate as the prevailing trend. A new trend was “Small plates”, as many complained about the size of the meals at restaurants. People are becoming more concerned about PCBs, mercury contamination, farmed seafood and farmed seafood. Wild fish is preferable, but more people will eat sustainable seafood in the future.

For their cost advantage and competitiveness, as well as other benefits, it was recommended that local buying be a top trend in 2010. Due to the recession, restaurants have focused more on cost cutting techniques. It is more likely that niche dishes will be the current trend, as opposed to the standard menu.

It’s not hard to understand that even though healthier and more sustainable food is becoming more popular, many restaurant owners also run a business. They would try to balance price and quality to get the best possible combination.